Executive Director of Surgical Services

The Executive Director is a registered professional nurse who has the authority and responsibility for the administration of the Surgical Services Division, defining and maintaining standards of nursing practice and quality of care within the system. Position is responsible for the formulation and implementation of operational policies and procedures necessary to meet these objectives. This...

Office Romance – A Corporate Perspective

THE OFFICE ROMANCE DILEMMA Amour…….. ! The French translation of the romantic feeling of love is something most people want in their life at some time or another. Interestingly, many are finding love in what could be considered an unconventional location…the places where they work. Consider the results from Vault’s 2011 Office Romance Survey: • 59% surveyed...


How to excel in a virtual interview In today's global workplace more and more employers are opting for the Skype, Live Messenger or video interview. These interviews cut down on travel expenses, save on fuel (making it better for the environment) and provide the employer with a much quicker and easier way to find the...