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We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions with answers so you can learn more, right now. If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to connect and help your Company.

Why should Companies use a Recruitment and Staffing Firm?
Many Companies find the employee search and placement process to be time-intensive and challenging. Employers often experience disappointment when they are unable to find Skilled Talent for Critical positions at their company or have an employee that just doesn’t end up working out. The primary benefit of using Global Staffing Associates is that we manage the entire employee search, Pre – Screening and placement process so employers can get back their business.
Global Staffing Associates’s strategic candidate process ensures that we find skilled talent with the right qualifications whose professional objectives align with our client company’s goals. With the help of Global Staffing Associates, employers can save time and money and eliminate the guesswork in finding the best candidate for the job

Why do companies contract specialized staff?
Companies of all sizes in both private and public sectors need services and resources that fall outside of their team’s expertise. In addition, a contract employee can assist with a comprehensive project for a specified amount of time. Consultative staffing firms have the tools necessary to help businesses discover the talent they need in order to supplement a company’s regular workforce.

How many companies use staffing services?
A fact sheet from American Staffing Association shows approximately 90% to 95% of large companies use staffing services. The larger the company, the more likely it is to engage employment agencies for staffing solutions. Additional data from ASA report 80% of staffing clients say staffing agencies offer effective ways to find skilled professionals who have the potential to become full-time employees.

What does Global Staffing Associates do?
Global Staffing Associates is a professional technical staffing agency offering employment solutions to companies Nationwide. Global Staffing Associates specializes in recruiting professionals for a variety of areas including Information Technology, Healthcare, Engineering, Legal, Executive Search, and Biotech-Pharma. Our Scope of services and Years of experience provide our Clients a true Partner who can manage a Company’s Permanent or Interim Staffing Needs. Clients of Global Staffing Associates experience a full-service partner with a flexible business model.
Global Staffing Associates is able to customize solutions to meet varied requirements. Services include employee search and placement, consulting, contract-to-hire, volume placement, retained search, recruitment process outsourcing and exclusive on-site recruitment management.

What are the advantages of working with Global Staffing Associates over other staffing companies ?
Global Staffing Associates offers valuable market insight, top talent, exclusive job openings and a wealth of resources during the employee search and placement process. Our unique approach focuses on overall client-candidate fit to ensure we pair high-quality candidates with client companies that are aligned with their professional goals and preferences.

We serve as true consultants for client companies and keep our promises. We deliver the best talent through highly knowledgeable, tenured teams in the markets we serve. Our references and testimonials speak to the value we have brought to the lives of our candidates and the difference we’ve made for our clients. We are industry leaders in employee search.

Our unique services set us apart from other staffing agencies. To learn more about our client services, please contact Global Staffing Associates at info@GlobalStaffingAssociates.com.

How does Global Staffing Associates save clients valuable resources?
Global Staffing Associates saves client companies time by consistently producing the best and brightest candidates for a job opening. We strive to present the top three applicants, saving you time and ensuring the best results possible. Our effective “inner view” process ensures that you’re satisfied with the candidate you’ve selected. When you utilize us to concentrate on employee search, you can stay focused on your business.

How long has Global Staffing Associates been in business?
Global Staffing Associates has been connecting talented IT professionals with growing technology companies since 2007. Originally launched in California, Global Staffing Associates has since expanded Nationwide.

What kinds of staffing services does Global Staffing Associates offer client companies?
We offer a number of staffing services tailored to the unique needs of your business, including:
• Regular consulting services
• Contract-to-hire staffing services
• Direct-hire job placement
• Contingency searches
• Engagement fee searches
• Outsourced fixed-fee managed services

What is Global Staffing Associates’s recruiting process?
Global Staffing Associates’s employee search and placement process includes a variety of steps that ensure we identify candidates that are well suited for the job. We aim to get a deep understanding of our client companies, so our first step is to have a Consultation. The next step is to create a winning job description that serves as a road map. Then, we develop a recruiting plan of action.

We uncover top talent for the open position through traditional and nontraditional sources. At Global Staffing Associates, our employee search and placement approach reveals all possible candidates for the job. We thoroughly screen to identify the top three candidates based on technical and cultural fit. We then present their profiles and resumes for your review and selection.

Global Staffing Associates’s IT staffing professionals perform additional services during the employee search and placement process, including education verification, background checks, employment verification and reference checks. Count on us to manage and simplify the process.

How does Global Staffing Associates screen candidates before they are placed?
The recruiters at Global Staffing Associates are committed to acting in the best interest of our client companies and candidates. We want to make sure the IT professionals we place meet or exceed the requirements for the job position. Our candidate screening process includes an application for employment, phone interview and in-person meeting with all local candidates.

We also conduct thorough investigation of candidates, including employment and education verification, and reference and criminal background checks. Technical testing, as well as drug testing and credit checks are also available upon request.

How quickly does Global Staffing Associates work to fill client company requests for an assignment?
Immediately. We pride ourselves in our sophisticated employee search and placement techniques that help us quickly pinpoint candidates with the skills needed to make an immediate contribution to your business. When client companies have a need for skilled IT professionals, our process helps them save time and money by focusing on finding the best talent for the job.

To learn more about how Global Staffing Associates can quickly fulfill your IT staffing needs, please fill out a request for information.

Does Global Staffing Associates offer a job placement guarantee?
Our unique employee search and placement approach has delivered consistent and proven results. Many clients have chosen to work exclusively with Global Staffing Associates for all of their IT staffing needs. We are so confident in our staffing approach that we offer one of the most competitive job placement guarantees in the industry. Our goal is to make sure clients are completely satisfied with the unique technical staffing solutions we offer.

What if a client company decides to hire an IT contractor full-time?
We understand how hard it is to find qualified, skilled talent to contribute to your organization. That’s why Global Staffing Associates offers a variety of unique technical staffing solutions to meet the demands of your business, including contract-to-hire employee search and placement.

Our contract-to-hire service allows clients to hire IT professionals on a try-before-you-buy basis. With this option, candidates work for a specified period of time on our payroll, allowing clients to directly assess their work performance prior to hire. This service allows the placement fee to be amortized over a three- or six-month period, with no additional conversion charge.

Besides recruiting, what other services does Global Staffing Associates offer client companies?
Besides employee search and placement services, Global Staffing Associates offers other value-add offerings such as salary and labor tools, service reviews and custom reporting. We also help clients define vital job descriptions for identifying top talent. In addition, our in-house counsel helps keep clients up to speed on labor laws and can host employment law workshops at your request.

Have more questions about Global Staffing Associates? Ask our professionals. We’ll address all your questions and concerns email us at: Info@GlobalStaffingAssociates.com

Q?When are Staffing Solutions the best option for my organization? (Permanent)

If you are looking to fill a permanent position in your company and you are prepared to offer this person the benefits of a full time employee, Let Global Staffing Associates find the right person for your Organization.

Q?When is the staffing option the best for my organization? (Temporary)

If you need to fill a temporary position for Information Technology or Healthcare projects, vacation replacements, or just for temporary need for an extra employee, staffing might be the right choice for you. We will take care of the employee costs and find the right match for you.

Q?When are consultants the best option for my organization?

If you need an EXPERT in Information Technology or Healthcare we can find the right consultants to get the job done right on time.

Q?What’s the difference between Contract and Permanent placement?

Most of our clients find the benefits of hiring contract employees outweigh the advantages of hiring full-time employees. Many find that contract employees best satisfy fluctuating needs and incur no human resource costs or payroll and benefit expenses. There are, however, times when you may need to hire a full-time employee. We can simply fill the position for you, or you can have the best of both scenarios, by previewing a prospective individual as a contract employee before deciding to hire.

Q?How do you find the people you place?

Because we s*pecialize* in core industries and specific markets, we have extensive contacts and connections with the people who work in those areas. We participate in industry events, national and local professional associations, and virtual communities, as well as the more traditional job fairs and staffing and recruiting events. We know what Professionals are looking for and can more quickly turn around this talent to fill your needs. Our best people also provide us with invaluable referrals.

Q?What types of opportunities do you offer?

The types of employment that we offer are Interim and Permanent Staffing, Contract to Perm Staffing, Consulting, RPO, Workforce Management, and other staff resources based on our requests. Our specialists can review with you the different options that best fit your goals and the type of company that you want to work for. Global Staffing Associates can save you time and money by finding the resources that you need.


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